Horacio Sapere

The artist was born in 1951 in Argentina and has been working since 1975 in an old farmhouse near Palma de Mallorca.

He paints abstract forms. His works are poetic expressions that communicate with the people that observe them.

Horacio Sapere
Druckplatte zu Halbportrait Horacio SapereHalbportrait Originalfarbradierung - handkoloriert Horacio Sapere

• Self-expression • Self-observation • Self-recognition • Self-awareness • His paintings convey all of these things.

Sapere`s pictures express an opinion of today`s world in form and content. They have their own place in contemporary painting in that they underline the figurative thanks to a total lack of objects. Since the time of Neo-expressionism in Germany and other countries, of the Transvanguardia in Italy, the brutality of so many English painters, the philosophical views of many Latin Americans, the ironic elegance, which was evident in France and Spain, there was need for someone like Sapere to bring about a change. He paints pictures that are abstract, he draws in a precise way without keeping to an absolute reality and is absolutely uninhibited with colours.

His pictures are poetic outbursts.

Right: Horacio Sapere doing hand-colouring and signing the edition: Sound Gallery - Wolfgang Hörnke, "Half-portrait"

Horacio Sapere mit Wolfgang Hörnke und Druckplatte.

The precision of the expression and the sharpness of the prints bear witness to Sapere`s Spanish roots. He forms his shapes without any consideration of what is pleasant or friendly. At the same time there is a certain peace, an invitation to thought and compassion in his pictures.

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