„Kunst auf dem Balkon“ – Windrad von Ada Wolpe

Ada und Leiser Wolpe – Oelbild von Ada Wolpe

Foto von Ada und Leiser Wolpe

From Winemaking Rustico to an Artists Workspace Rustico

Around 1850 the Casa dell’Artista was built together with about 6 other typical local stone houses.

At the end of the century the first roads where built, in order not only to reach the houses by foot but also by driven means. The stairway in front of the Casa dell’Artista is an old relic from the time before the road. Such relics can be found all over the mountains around Locarno.

The milder temperatures, the ideal soil and direction of the heights above Locarno brought more and more vine growers to this region.

Ada and Leisa Wolpe bought the house in 1966 who then 4 years later combined the two Rustici with an atelier for Ada to work and create her art in until her death in 2005.

In 2007, The Kreuziger Family bought the run down house and renovated it to its current state.

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